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All BCAM seniors meet weekly a counselor and will be encouraged to apply for multiple colleges, schools, and programs depending on their career interests. All seniors will be expected to apply to CUNY because it has something for everyone and the application is free!


In order to pay for school after high school, we ask all seniors to apply for the Pell Grant from the federal government through FAFSA AND the NY State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). The majority of BCAM graduates can go to college for free if they complete these two applications, but they need your help. You will have to supply tax information, social security numbers, and other personal info.


We can walk you and your senior through all of these applications.


The 12th Grade Team

Janna Bello-Andrews - AP/12th Grade Advisor - 

Ferrin Bujan - Finance  - 

Rory Cohen - English - 

Solivette Correa - English -   

Candace Douglas - Government/Econ - 

Patrick Howell - Post Secondary Counselor - 

Melvester Edwards - Librarian -

Brent Lawrence - APES - 

Brenda Lyons - Post Secondary Counselor- 

Denyse Murray - Social Work/12th Grade Advisor - 

J Lyn Thomas - Social Work/12th Grade Advisor 

Christopher Williams - Math/Finance -