Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Caleb Kelly (Class of 2025), Dereon Simms (Class of 2025), and Aubri Vasquez (Class of 2026) for their acceptance to the 10th annual Brooklyn Arts Festival! Their artwork will be on display at the Brooklyn Children's Museum from May 22nd to June 9th.

Staff Spotlight

Congratulations to our 10th grade Visual Arts teacher Denise Martinez for her recent appointment as an Arts Office Lead Visual Arts Teachers for Brooklyn North!

Introducing Yondr Pouches @ BCAM!

A Yondr Pouch will be provided to each student free of charge.  Each pouch will have the student’s name on it. Please be aware that the pouch is BCAM property.

Yondr Pounches: Entry/Exit Policies

Building Entrance/Arrival:

Upon arrival, students will follow these steps:

  • Unlock the Yondr pouch
  • Place their phone and electronics inside (including headphones & smart watches) 
  • Securely close it and store the pouch in their backpack. 

Students arriving prior to 2nd period will enter through the lunch room doors.  

Students arriving 2nd period or later will enter through the main entrance and complete the process in the main lobby.


Building Exit/End of Academic Day:

At the end of each academic day, students will unlock their pouch at the unlocking base at their exit.  Students will remove their phone from the pouch and then close the empty pouch.   11th and 12th graders will exit through the main doors.  9th and 10th graders will exit through the lunchroom doors. 

Yondr Pouches: Replacement/Missing Pouch Policies

Replacements/Disciplinary Action:

If a student forgets their pouch:

  •  School staff will hold the cell phone in a secure place until the end of the day (following the process we have used since school began).

If a student loses their pouch: 

  • First replacement 
    • $10 for new pouch & student meeting with dean/administration
  • Second replacement
    • $20 for new pouch & student & parent meeting with dean/administration


If a student damages or breaks their pouch (not normal wear and tear):

  • Pay for a replacement pouch and cannot return to school without a parent (1st time)
  • Pay for a replacement pouch and receive ISS (2nd time)
  • Pay for a replacement pouch and receive an out of school suspension (3 or more times)


BCAM Phone Policy Notes

All current phone-use guidelines and disciplinary processes remain in place with the implementation of pouches.  There is absolutely no phone use during the academic day 8:20am-2:40pm.  

  • Students must return pouches if transferring from BCAM
  • Students must return pouches when graduating BCAM in order to receive their diploma
  • Students must return pouches at the end of EACH school year
  • Students will receive their pouch at the beginning of EACH school year.

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Mission Statement

At Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School (BCAM), we prepare our students for 21st century academic, creative, and professional success. Through an art, media, and technology-enriched academic curriculum emphasizing community collaboration, we challenge ourselves to think critically and create knowledge in pursuit of personal excellence and meaningful social change.