Community Circle: Coming Up at BCAM

 BCAM Advisory Community Announcements - Monday, September 24, 2018


  • Academic Calendar: This is the 4th week of 1st Quarter. IT IS OUR 1ST FULL WEEK! There are 2 weeks until Mid-1st Quarter Progress Reports and 6 weeks until 1st Quarter Report Cards!!!  
  • Wednesday Curriculum Evening: This Wednesday evening 6pm-8pm is BCAM’s Family Curriculum Night. This is required for all families and students. Please make sure your parents know to attend.
  • Advisory Day:       This Friday will be our first monthly advisory day for all 9th and 10th graders! Advisors are excited to meet their advisees! Each period will be shortened and the last 70 minutes will be spent in advisory. 11th and 12th graders will also meet with advisories for progress check-ins and to complete academic work.
  • SAT Diagnostic#1 – ALL JUNIORS: The first SAT Diagnostic will be Friday. All juniors will have an alternate schedule for the morning and followed by regular afternoon classes. The exam will be given on the second floor. ***Any impacted classes will be moved for the day****       GOOD LUCK!
  • Big Voter Registration Event: Good luck to BCAM’s Model Material, Student Council and Dream Team, along with Ms. Murray, Ms. Clark, Ms. Mia, Mr. Bullock and Mr. BSatz as they embark on planning with the Brooklyn Public Library a huge voter registration, arts and basketball event on Monday, October 8th- Columbus Day Holiday.
  • Zero Tolerance Lateness: If you are late for your 1st period class or your 1st class of the day), you will have your parent notified and will serve a same-day 45 minute detention at 3:00pm.       And if you don’t attend detention, or your lateness happens in a pattern you will have Saturday detention 9am-12pm, like students had this past Saturday!
  • Blue Cards, Lunch Forms, Metros & Lockers: Students will not receive metro cards or lockers without submitting Blue Cards and Lunch Forms. If you need to submit or receive these forms please see Mr. Cooper in the Main Office.


  • Citywide 8th Grade Recruitment Fair: Thank you to Mr. Cooper and Ms. Jaishwar for representing us at the citywide fair this week at John Dewey High School! There will be another opportunity to participate in a few weeks.
  • Photography Field Trip: Congratulations to Ms. Herbes and her students on a great field trip to Photoville last week!


  • On-Time Attendance Contest and Reward: We have 1 week left in our September On-Time Competition and Rewards. The 1st Period classes in 9th/10th Grades and 11th/12th Grades with the best attendance and on-time arrival receive a free catered breakfast party the first week in October!       And all students who have 100% attendance and on-time arrival in September receive a Cotton Candy/Popcorn party!


  • BCAM Social Media: BCAM students please check out pictures, features and info on our website and our Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter @bcamhs.


  • College Now Classes: All 11th and 12th Grade students eligible for College Now classes here at BCAM, Ms. Lyons will meet with you to discuss taking these classes. If you are interested, see her in Office 302.       This semester is English 101 with Professor Cohen, and Anthropology 101 with Professor Sabura.
  • Algebra Tutoring: Algebra tutoring on 3-4pm Wednesdays with Ms. Gent in Rm. 322


  • Visual Arts Opportunities: Please see Ms. Ross 308, Ms. Martinez 235 and Ms. Herbes 306 for great visual arts program opportunities. Time is running out to submit applications.
  • BCAM Dance Academy: All BCAM students interested in BCAM Dance Academy with Dance Director Ms. JLyn, please keep an eye out for announcements of auditions.
  • BCAM Dolls: Practice for The BCAM Dolls will be this week Thursday and Friday in the Dance Studio. See Ms. Jones or 12th Graders Kayla and Mystiq for info.
  • BCAM Model Material: Model Material will have practice this week also Thursday and Friday in the Black Box. See Ms. Murray or 12th Graders Kennedi and Kendra for info.


  • BCAM Soccer: The BCAM Soccer Team has practice today at 4:00pm on the field. There are two games this week! Tomorrow at 4pm and Sunday at 10am. Good Luck!!
  • BCAM Boys Flag Football: Any boys interested in joining our BCAM Boys Flag Football Team, please see Mr. Munch in Room 203.
  • BCAM Lions Basketball: Any boys interested in our Lions Basketball team, you must attend morning workouts at 6:00am Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings. Please see Mr. Bullock in the Dean’s Office for info.
  • BCAM Lady Lions Basketball: The BCAM Lady Lions JV & Varsity continues workouts this week afterschool and Saturday. Please see Mr. Munch Room 203 or Mr. Hunter in the gym for details.
  • BCAM Lioness Cheerleading: Any BCAM students interested in joining our Lioness cheerleading team, please see Ms. Weekes in Room 332.


  • Community Expectations: You must be on time to your first class at 8:20am. No hats, scarves, etc. allowed on your heads during the school day. No electronics allowed in classes during the academic day.
  • Computer Lab Rules: There is no food or drink allowed in our Computer Labs! Please follow these rules. Thank you.
  • Detention: Detention for classroom or school disruption will be on Wednesday afternoons 3pm.


  • Dues: Senior dues: $230 due by October 26th. Cash or money order to Ms. Exantus
  • 1 on 1’s: Ms Bello will continue 1:1 meetings with all seniors this week.
  • Curriculum Night: All seniors must attend curriculum night on September 26th with a parent or guardian.  MANDATORY!


  • BCAM Student Council: Check in with Ms. Clark today about Back to School Night and Columbus Day.
  • BCAM Dream Team: Any students interested in joining the DT, see Ms. Murray, Kennedi or Kendra with questions.


  • Monday: 11th/12th PD 2:50pm in Rm. 207. Late arrival Detention 3:00pm.
  • Tuesday: Clark at SVC. 11th/12th Lunch Orientation for 9th/10th Advisors with Ms. Mia. Parent Outreach/Grade Team Meetings 2:50pm-4:00pm.
  • Wednesday: Curriculum Evening 6:00pm-8:00pm.
  • Thursday:
  • Friday: advisory day (shortened periods), SAT Diagnostic all juniors
  • All Staff reminders:
    • Please take Kinvolved attendance periods 1-3 by the end of third period. Ms. Lopez/Ms. Shapiro will be collecting lateness/absence data during 4th period every day, so all information for periods 1-3 needs to be in and accurate in order for detentions to be assigned correctly and families to be notified. You should take attendance for ALL periods, but it is important that 1-3 are in by the end of 3rd.
    • Please make sure your Kinvolved attendance and 3rd period bubble sheets are 100% accurate. We have seen some inconsistencies, so don’t rush and make sure you get names correct, especially for new students or students you don’t know well yet!
    • Don’t forget that Back to School Night is this Wednesday 6pm-8pm. When speaking to families, make sure to make some early pushes for participation. We will be giving out new HotSpot Phones to all 9th grade students who come, so you can use this to incentivize parents to attend!
  • Lesson plans and unit plans every day to support well-planned, organized classes.
  • Classroom and hallway bulletin boards displaying curriculum, student work, rubrics.
  • 8:10am recommended whole staff morning meeting.
  • Strong engagement and common core/regent preparation in every class.

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  • Curriculum Night 6pm

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  • Back to School Night

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  • SAT Diagnostic #1 (11th Grader)

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  • Advisory Day

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  • Tilden Education Campus (D) [Bernie Mars FLD]

    Away Soccer Game


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Mission Statement

At Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School (BCAM), we prepare our students for 21st century academic, creative, and professional success. Through an art, media, and technology-enriched academic curriculum emphasizing community collaboration, we challenge ourselves to think critically and create knowledge in pursuit of personal excellence and meaningful social change.

Principal's Corner

August 21, 2018


Dear BCAM Students and Families,

With the 2018-19 school year arriving, we want to take a moment to welcome our newly entering Class of 2022!  We also want to share with everyone important BCAM information and remind you of a few important dates. 


BCAM Zero Tolerance Lateness/Class Cutting Policy: Enough is Enough!

We are a college preparatory high school that has vital academic classes 1st period – 8th period every day. For the last few years, far too many students have continually arrived late for classes, missed classes for which they are late, or cut classes.  These students fail or barely passing these classes, which affects academic achievement, progress and preparation.  We will no longer accept this lack of commitment, and will immediately penalize it. Here is the non-negotiable BCAM Lateness /Cutting Policy.  We need family support and partnership on this!  Make sure your student arrives on time to school and attends all their classes!

  • There is no longer any acceptable late arrival to school. 1st period begins at 8:20am!  Late arrival beyond 8:20am, as well as cutting a class, results in immediate non-negotiable disciplinary consequences below.   
  • Late arrival or cutting classes results in a required 45 minute restorative detention 3:00pm-3:45pm THIS SAME DAY, 5 DAYS A WEEK.  Parents will receive a Kinvolved text notifying them of this required detention by 12:30pm.  Students will be individually notified in school.     
  • Failure to attend this same day detention, and/or if lateness/cutting continues, students will still be required to make up these detentions, and also be required to attend mandatory 3-hour Saturday restorative detention 9:00am-12:00pm.  Parents will also be required to attend a documented attendance-arrival intervention meeting. 
  • Continued lateness/cutting then results in inside-suspension and removal from any extra-curricular participation of which a student is a part, for a minimum of half an academic quarter, or 5 weeks.  There will be no exceptions to this removal.   
  • NOTE: Only students with written, documented and verified parental permission will be considered for excused lateness.  However, we will not accept regular parental permission given for lateness.
  • Seniors (Class of 2019): these policies apply for your first class of each day.


Summer School Grades and Summer Regent Exams: Available September 5th

Wednesday, September 5th, 8:20am: 1st Day of School- full day; students on time!

Monday, September 10th, Tuesday, September 11th, Wednesday, September 19th : NYC DOE Holidays, no school.

Wednesday, September 26th, 6:00pm-8:00pm: BCAM Back-to-School Parent Conferences

All families are required to attend to receive class curricular overviews, guidelines and opportunities. 


Required Supplies for All BCAM Students:

Strong and large backpack or book-bag, spiral notebooks for all academic classes,large 3-ring binder, loose-leaf notebook paper, graphing calculator, supply of blue or black ballpoint pens, supply of pencils


BCAM website: and Social Media: @bcamhs  




Dr. James O’Brien, BCAM Principal, and the entire BCAM community

& the entire BCAM Community