Community Circle: Coming Up at BCAM

 BCAM Advisory Community Announcements Monday, October 7, 2019



  • Academic Calendar: This is the 6th week of 1st Quarter. You will receive 1st Quarter Progress Reports at home and in Advisory this or next week. No school Wednesday holiday. Everyone please be on time to school and give best effort!
  • Going Outside for Lunch: 9th, 10th and 11th Graders are NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE BUILDING OR PLAYGROUND DURING LUNCH! ONLY 12TH GRADERS HAVE PERMISSION. If you leave the building for any reason, your family will be contacted and you will be assigned detention or suspended.


  • 8th Grade Recruitment Fair This Saturday/Sunday: Thank you to all students who supported our recruitment fairs this weekend! You were great. Shout out to Student Council and the Lioness Cheerleading for leading the charge. Special thank you to Mr. Cooper, Ms. Jaishwar and Ms. Weekes for staff leadership! Pizza lunch this Thursday for all those students who participated during your lunch period.
  • Ms. Martinez Leading PD: Congrats to Art Teacher Ms. Martinez who will lead a city-wide art PD today after school!
  • Ms. Pope National Conference Speaker: Congrats to English Teacher Ms. Pope who was asked to speak at a national conference later this month!


  • On-Time Attendance Contest and Reward: We are on with October On-Time to School Competition and Rewards.
  • Blue Cards, Lunch Forms, Metros & Lockers: Students should have been offered lockers last week. See Ms. Middleton in Room 128 if you need one.
  • ID Cards: Ms. Middleton will finish 9th Grade ID pictures today and then move to new students of 10th-12th Grades.


  • BCAM Social Media: BCAM students please check out pictures, features and info on our website and our Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter @bcamhs. Go follow and get those clicks up!


  • English 101 College Now: College English class continues Thursday 3pm in Professor Pope’s Room 326!
  • Friday Morning 11th Grade SAT Baseline Assessment: Thanks to all 11th Graders who gave their best effort with last Friday’s SAT Baseline Assessment.


  • BCAM Zine: Any students that wish to submit original art, writing, poetry, etc. please do so to Ms. Martinez (307) or Ms. Gleksman (Room 112). Or see them for details.
  • BCAM Yearbook: attention any BCAM students interested in writing, taking pictures and working on our BCAM Yearbook, please see Ms. Jaishwar in Room 330.
  • Senior Portfolio Thursday: BCAM 11th/12th Graders you have Art Portfolio 3pm Thursdays in Ms. Herbes’ Room 306.
  • Visual Arts Opportunities: BCAM students please see Ms. Herbes 306, Ms. Martinez 307 and Ms. Ross 308 for great visual arts programs! Applications are being completed.
  • BCAM Model Material: Model Material continue regular rehearsals this Thurs. See Ms. Murray.
  • BCAM Dolls: Dolls continue rehearsals this week! So see captains Wintah or Toni-Anne or Ms. Melanie for details.


  • BCAM Chess Club: Attention any BCAM students interested in learning how to play chess, or improving your skills, please join our BCAM Chess Club Friday 3pm in Room 332. See Mr. Cohen for details.
  • BCAM Boys Fall Football Team: Attention BCAM young men who would like to play on our flag football team and compete in good football league, see Mr. Munch’s Room 134. GAME THIS THURSDAY AFTERNOON!!!
  • BCAM Soccer: THE BCAM Soccer won a great game yesterday 4-1! Congrats. Kelvin Williams with 3 goals! Jerry Exis with 1 goal! Game today, practice Wednesday!
  • BCAM Lions Basketball: The Lions hosted a great weekend tournament here in the Lion’s Den this weekend. We ended up the runner up 2nd place, losing in the Championship!
  • BCAM Lady Lions Basketball: BCAM Lady Lions Varsity and Junior Varsity teams practice 4pm M/T; 3pm W-F and Sats.
  • BCAM Lioness Cheerleading: BCAM Lioness Cheerleading you have practice this week. See Ms. Weekes Room 326 and Ms. Jaishwar in Room 330 for practice details. Submit your forms!


  • Zero Tolerance Lateness: Beginning this morning and every single day from today on, if you are late for your 1st period class (or for 12th Graders your 1st class of the day), you will be eligible for Tuesday/Thursday Lunch-Time Detention, where you will eat your lunch in a silent room instead of cafeteria.       If lateness continues you will be scheduled for After-School Detention. DO NOT BE LATE FOR SCHOOL. ENOUGH SAID.
  • Community Expectations: You must be on time to your first class at 8:20am. No hats, scarves, etc. allowed on your heads during the school day. No electronics allowed in classes during the academic day.
  • Computer Lab Rules: There is no food or drink allowed in our Computer Labs! Please follow these rules. Thank you.


  • Outside Lunch: Only seniors who are on time every day and in good academic standing will be eligible.
  • Senior Dues: $230 due to Ms. Exantus Office 302 by October 25!
  • 1 on 1’s: Ms Bello will continue 1:1 meetings with all seniors starting this week.
  • Curriculum Night: All seniors must attend curriculum night on Thursday, September 26th with a parent or guardian.    


  • BCAM Student Council: Any students interested in joining our BCAM Student Council, meeting will be this Thursday 3:00pm in Room 303 with Ms. Clark. You are planning Fresh Fridays and other school-wide initiatives!


  • Peer Intervisitation: ADDIDAS will be leading teacher intervisitations beginning tomorrow to share in best practices and feedback round!
  • Monday: Howell/Jaishwar PD. Grade Teams/Dept 2:50pm-4:00pm.
  • Tuesday: Scipio PD. Parent Outreach/Optional Pods/Other Professional Work 2:50pm-3:56pm.
  • Wednesday: Holiday
  • Thursday: Diallo PD. Progress Reports in Skedula Due!
  • Friday: Calin PD.
  • Sat/Sun: 8th Grade Recruitment Fair!!!!
  • All Staff reminders:
    • Please take Kinvolved attendance periods 1-3 by the end of third period. Ms. Lopez/Ms. Shapiro will be collecting lateness/absence data during 4th period every day, so all information for periods 1-3 needs to be in and accurate in order for detentions to be assigned correctly and families to be notified. You should take attendance for ALL periods, but it is important that 1-3 are in by the end of 3rd.
    • Please make sure your Kinvolved attendance and 3rd period bubble sheets are 100% accurate. We have seen some inconsistencies, so don’t rush and make sure you get names correct, especially for new students or students you don’t know well yet!
    • Don’t forget that Back to School Night is right around the corner (September 26th). When speaking to families, make sure to make some early pushes for participation. We will be giving out new HotSpot Phones to all 9th grade students who come, so you can use this to incentivize parents to attend!
  • Lesson plans and unit plans every day to support well-planned, organized classes.
  • Classroom and hallway bulletin boards displaying curriculum, student work, rubrics.
  • 8:05am recommended whole staff morning meeting.
  • Strong engagement and common core/regent preparation in every class.

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Mission Statement

At Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School (BCAM), we prepare our students for 21st century academic, creative, and professional success. Through an art, media, and technology-enriched academic curriculum emphasizing community collaboration, we challenge ourselves to think critically and create knowledge in pursuit of personal excellence and meaningful social change.

Principal's Corner

September 5, 2019


Dear BCAM Students and Families,


We heartily welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year at Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School (BCAM), located in the newly renovated Campus 117 Building. BCAM is considered an outstanding small, public high school, and is committed to preparing every one of its students for college-level academic, artistic, and professional success both in and after high school.


As BCAM students, you are expected to follow all of our community rules and guidelines. We ask you to work very hard, but you will feel supported in this effort. Families, we ask you to attend conferences four times yearly, sit on year-end portfolio presentations, and be members of our PTA. In addition, we possess a myriad of extra-curricular arts academies, PSAL teams, and programs for our students. This is going to be a great year -- we hope you are ready, let’s go!


PTA Dates

Please join us for these upcoming family events:

  • First PTA Meeting Wednesday September 18th 6pm
  • Family Curriculum Night Friday September 26th 5pm -7pm
  • Reminder No School September 30th and October 1st, 9th and 14th



 Dr. James O’Brien, BCAM Principal (

Samantha Exantus, BCAM Assistant Principal (

Janna Bello, BCAM Assistant Principal (

& the entire BCAM community