Community Circle: This Week at BCAM


  • Academic Calendar: This is the 1st week of 4th Quarter.  You now have a brand new opportunity to be here on time, and give your best effort.  12TH GRADERS, THIS IS IT—YOUR LAST CHANCE TO EARN WHAT YOU NEED TO GRADUATE.
  • BCAM Mock Regents: This Wednesday 4/11 we will take Practice Regent Exams for History and Science.  They are required for all students, count as an exam grade in class.  They allow students and teachers to understand strengths and weaknesses with less than 2 months until the real exams.  Please be here and do your best.  English and Math are next Wednesday 4/18.  
  • Public Hearing Regarding Next Year’s Building Space Plan: This Wednesday 4/11 at 5:30pm in our auditorium is an hour-long public hearing to present Campus 117’s space plan for 2018-19.  BCAM students, staff and families are invited to attend.  
  • BCAM’s Quality Review: We will host the DOE Quality Review team as they visit and evaluate our school on Thursday, 5/3 and Friday, 5/4.  Please keep this on your radar! • Spring Break Credit Recovery: Thank you to all students who attended last week’s credit recovery and completed your work.  Special thanks to Ms. Gent, Mr. Diallo, Ms. Ortiz, Mr. Cooper and Ms. Bello for orchestrating. 
  • Honor Society: All applications from students Ms. Bello identified are due this Friday, 4/12.  


  • April Advisory Competition: This month has 16 days and there is a competition between Advisories for each grade.  Winners will go on special trips!  


  • BCAM Social Media: BCAM students please check out pictures, features and info on our website and our Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter @bcamhs. Go follow and get those clicks up!


  • College Now Classes: College Now classes continue this week: English Tuesday 3pm-4:30pm with Professor Cohen in 332 (no class Wednesday). Anthropology Tuesday/Thursday 3pm-4:30pm with Professor Rashid.  All students must attend and handle this 3-credit college experience. 
  • 9th Grade Algebra/Geometry Peer Tutoring: 9th Graders tutoring this Thursday/Friday in w/ Ms. Gent Rm. 322.
  • BCAM Saturday Algebra Practice: The students who have been attending Saturday practice continue this Saturday morning.  Keep it going!!! 


  • BCAM Dance Academy: You renew rehearsal this week Wednesday and Thursday 3pm-415pm.
  • BCAM-Groundswell Mural Project: You go to Groundswell this Wednesday to continue completion of the mural!  And mural installation is next week!!! 
  • BCAM Art Academy: Continues this Thursday 3pm-4:30pm with Ms. Ross Room 308.  


  • BCAM Handball: You have games this week today and Wednesday; and practice Tuesday and Friday.  Good luck!
  • BCAM Lady Lion Flag Football:  You have game this week on Friday; and practice today, Tues, Thurs. Good luck!
  • BCAM Stunt Team: BCAM Stunt you have practice this today, Wed, Thurs and Sat.  1st meet Saturday, 4/21!   
  • BCAM Lions Boys Soccer: Lions soccer practice will take place this Saturday 9am-12pm on the BCAM Field.
  • BCAM Lions Basketball: Lions you have workouts Tuesday-Thursday mornings, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. 
  • BCAM Lady Lions Basketball: You have workouts this week after school and Saturday.  


  • Community Expectations: You must be on time to your first class at 8:20am.  No hats, scarves, etc. allowed on your heads during the school day.  No electronics allowed in classes during the academic day.  After-school and team members return to the building at 3pm through front entrance.
  • Computer Lab Rules: There is no food or drink allowed in our Computer Labs!  Students must be supervised by a teacher to use the upstairs Computer Lab. Please follow these rules. Thank you.
  • Detention: Required detention continues this Wednesday afternoon after school. 


  • Prom: Prom is on!  However we still need to sell 20 more tickets.  Tickets sales will be extended until Friday, May 4th.  Remember, your date needs a ticket too!
  • Senior Dues: Ms. Bello will be coming around this week to meet with all seniors that have paid senior dues.  We will select yearbook picture, 5X7, shirt size, etc.  


  • BCAM Globetrotters: If you are interested in joining our Globetrotters Program traveling to Italy next spring 2019, please see Ms. Evans in Room 304.
  • BCAM Student Council: Mandatory meeting Thursday 4/9 at 4:30pm in room 303; Youth Leadership Institute training continues.  If you cannot attend, see Ms. Clark BEFORE Thursday. If you fail to attend and do not check in with Ms. Clark, YOU MAY NOT BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND THE STUDENT COUNCIL TRIP! 


  • Staff wishing to teach summer school, Ms. Exantus is sending email to everyone to apply/complete.
  • Monday: Grade Teams
  • Tuesday: Parent Outreach 2:55pm 3:10pm.  Collaborative Planning & Andrew’s Pod 3:15pm-4:00pm.
  • Wednesday: Proctoring/Grade Mock Regents.  Planning sessions for certain Departments. 
  • Thursday: Exantus/Scipio meeting 9am.
  • All Staff reminders:
    • This is the first week of 4th quarter
    • 3rd Quarter Grades due Thursday 4/11 @ 9am.   
    • Lesson plans and unit plans every day to support well-planned, organized classes.
    • Classroom and hallway bulletin boards displaying curriculum, student work, rubrics.
    • 8:10am recommended whole staff morning meeting.
    • Strong engagement and common core/regent preparation in every class.

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Mission Statement

At Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School (BCAM), we prepare our students for 21st century academic, creative, and professional success. Through an art, media, and technology-enriched academic curriculum emphasizing community collaboration, we challenge ourselves to think critically and create knowledge in pursuit of personal excellence and meaningful social change.

Principal's Corner

March 13, 2018

Dear BCAM Students and Families, Greetings. Thanks to all the families that attended last week’s BCAM Parent-Teacher Conferences. If you are receiving this mailing, it means we missed you. Please read the following enclosed items and mark down important dates listed below. 3rd Quarter Progress Report (Enclosed report) Enclosed please find your student’s current progress report with 3 weeks left in our 3rd academic quarter. Our 3rd Quarter officially ends Friday, March 29th. Parents push your student to raise his/her grades in classes listed below the 65 passing mark!!! Fully Updated 2017-18 Transcript Please note on your transcript 2018 Term 1 grades, January Regent Scores, and 100% updated credits. Parent/Family Department of Education School Survey: Completion Due by March 31st (Enclosed Green Env) Parents, enclosed is an envelope from us that includes your 2017-18 Parent Education School Survey, which you must complete by Friday, March 23rd. This is a 5-minute survey completed either online or via mail. It is hugely important to our school. It impacts our yearly school report card and allows you to share your opinions of our school.

Upcoming Important Dates:

· Wednesday, March 21st: SAT for 11th Graders; PSAT for 10th Graders; BCAM PTA 6:00pm

· Friday, March 23rd: Deadline for NYC DOE Family Surveys.

· Thursday, March 29th: Last day of 3rd Academic Quarter.

· Friday, March 30th – Friday, April 6th: NYC DOE Spring Vacation

· Tuesday, April 3rd – Wednesday, April 4th: Spring Vacation Credit Recovery

· Wednesdays, April 11th & April 18th: Mock Regent Practice Exams Please do not hesitate to contact our community with any questions or requests for further information. Please check on website, and follow us social media: Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat @bcamhs for updates and announcements about our students, staff and community.



Dr. James O’Brien, BCAM Principal,

Samantha Exantus & Janna Bello, BCAM Assistant Principals

& the entire BCAM Community