Employment Opportunities at BCAM

We are currently seeking teachers certified in ELA or Special Education, to fill open positions for the 2019-2020 school year. If you are interested, please send a resume and cover letter to our assistant principal Samanta Exantus at SCharle3@schools.nyc.gov.

Join us at our annual Community School Carnival!

Join us for our annual Gala Performance Celebration!

Community Circle: Coming Up at BCAM

BCAM Advisory Community Announcements Monday, May 13, 2019



  • Academic Calendar: This is the 5th week of 4th Quarter. This is our final academic quarter! 4weeks left!!!  
  • This Week: This is another big week!!! We have 2 AP Exams taking place. We have our Arts Gala Show Friday night at 6:00pm.       And then we have Regent Exam Prep Sessions on Saturday 9am-1:15pm. Let’s go!
  • Graduation: Congrats to Ms. Noel and Ms. Jaishwar who will graduating from their Master’s Programs Wed night!
  • BCAM Showing at Bk Borough Arts Festival Tonight: Congratulations to 10th Grader Cassandra Cortez and 11th Grader Jerry Exis who will have their work shown tonight at the BK Children’s Museum for Bk Arts Festival!
  • National Honor Society Meeting: Required meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) 2:30pm-3:00pm in Auditorium w Ms. Bello.
  • AP Exams: Good luck to Ms. Greene’s AP Calc (Tuesday) and Mr. Cohen’s AP English Language (Wednesday)!
  • BCAM Arts Gala: Last week had its ups and downs.       Let’s lock it in! Rehearsal is required for ALL PARTICIPANTS this week today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3pm!!! Dress Rehearsal Thursday! Show is Friday at 6pm!
  • BCAM Saturday Academy: Thank you to all the students who attended Saturday Academy this past Saturday. Don’t forget to see Ms. Bello for outside lunch permission slip for this Friday. This week it is on again, with the following exams having prep sessions: Global, US, English, Living Environment, Earth Science!       9am-11:00am; 11:15am-1:15pm!


  • BCAM Community Carnival: Congratulations and thank you to the huge amount of staff, students, parents, partners and guests who made this past Saturday’s Community Carnival a great success. What a nice day for everyone: great workshops, games, music, food, collaboration! And most of all, it was really positive and all about community. Well done Ms. Mia, Ms. Lopez and everyone who joined together!
  • ESL NYESLAT: Congratulations to Ms. Calin and our ESL students who rocked the NYSESLAT Exam last week!
  • AP Exams Last Week: Congratulations to Mr. Lawrence’s Environmental AP, Mr. Gilman’s 10th Grade AP Lit, and Mr. Howell’s AP US History! You all did your best and made everyone proud of your effort.
  • Girls Basketball College Signings: Congratulations to Kyarra and Naiah for their college signing ceremonies last week!       Thanks to all the staff and students who attended and supported them.
  • Saturday Prep: Continued thanks to Ms. Jones, Mr. Lawrence, Ms. Gent, and Ms. Jaishwar for their commitment to teaching Saturday Academy Regent Prep classes!


  • Attendance Challenge: Congrats to 12th Asha, Messiah and 11th Ashanti, Natalia for attendance victories! See attached.  
  • Morning ID Swipe:       This week we will begin requiring ID swipe in the morning when you enter the building.
  • Zero Tolerance Lateness: If you are late for your 1st period class or your 1st class of the day), you will have your parent notified and will serve a same-day 45 minute detention at 3:00pm. And if you don’t attend detention, or your lateness happens in a pattern, you will have Saturday detention 9am-12pm or Inside Suspension.       Don’t be late!!!


  • BCAM Social Media: BCAM students please check out pictures, features and info on our website www.bcamhs.org and our Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter @bcamhs.


  • College Now: English 101 Course meets Tuesday/Wednesday at 3pm with Professor Cohen in Room 332. Criminal Justice 101 meets Tuesday/Thursday at 3pm with John Jay College Professor in Room 103. Final Exams this week!!!
  • Algebra for All Tutoring: Algebra for All tutoring with Ms. Gent/Ms. Bujan this Wednesday! It is invite only!
  • Saturday Regent Prep Academy Continues: We continue Saturday morning at 9am!


  • BCAM Gala Rehearsal: this week Monday through Thursday 3pm-5pm. Thursday dress rehearsal. Required for all!
  • BCAM Camping Trip: Attention any BCAM students interested in an overnight camping trip, Mr. Lawrence will take up to 7 students on this special trip. Please see him in Room 307 for permission slip.
  • Reel Works Film Academy: The BCAM/Reel Works Film Academy continues this Wed and Thurs at 3pm in Rm. 112.
  • Dance Academy Rehearsal: Dance Academy does rehearsals Mon-Thurs 3pm in Dance Studio for Gala!
  • BCAM Rock Band: Rock Band rocks out 3pm Mon-Thurs with Mr. Greer for Gala!
  • BCAM Studio Academy: The MC’s rehearse Mon-Thurs with Mr. BSatz for the Gala!
  • BCAM Vocal & Performing Arts Club: Vocal/Performing Arts Club rehearses Mon-Thurs for Gala.
  • BCAM Model Material: Model Material rehearses Mon-Thurs with Ms. Murray for the Gala!


  • Girls Flag Football: BCAM Girls Flag Football lost 2 heartbreaking games last week. They play 3 games this week today, Wednesday and Friday and must win to make the playoffs!!!
  • Boys Handball: BCAM Handball lost another tough one but had a great season.       Congrats to the team and Mr. Diallo!
  • Boys Basketball: The BCAM Boys practice all week with Ms. Greene.
  • Girls Basketball: The BCAM Girls have workouts this week with Mr. Hunter and Mr. Munch. DISCIPLINE
  • Community Expectations: You must be on time to your first class at 8:20am. No hats, scarves, etc. allowed on your heads during the school day. No electronics allowed in classes during the academic day.
  • Computer Lab Rules: There is no food or drink allowed in our Computer Labs! Please follow these rules. Thank you.
  • Detention: Detention late arrival to school and disruption is Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursday 3:00pm-4:00pm.      


  • Senior Irresponsibility: There are a growing number of 12th Graders who are missing classes and not doing the required work to achieve well, let alone pass classes. These students have their graduation in doubt now, and unless this immediately changes, they will not graduate at the end of June.
  • Yearbook: Make sure to send pictures to Ms. Jaishwar!
  • Apex:       Continue to work on apex.       Let’s get it done.


  • Monday: ADDIDAS PD 2:50pm-4:00pm. Gala staff 3:00pm-5:00pm
  • Tuesday: Howell PD. Parent Outreach and Collabo Planning 2:50pm-3:56pm. Gala staff 3:00pm-5:00pm.
  • Wednesday: Scipio, Lyons PD. Gala staff 3:00pm-5:00pm.
  • Thursday: O’Brien Principal Meeting. Ross/Martinez/Herbes hang exhibit. Gala staff 3:00pm-6:00pm.
  • Friday: Maros PD. O’Brien, Murray Sup’s Hearing. BCAM Arts Gala 6:00pm.
  • All Staff reminders:
    • UPDATE Skedula for Thursday Parent Teacher Conferences.
    • Please be aware that ADDIDAS Team members will begin meeting with staff to reflect on Regent-based assessment data and reteaching process. Staff will be notified of meeting day/time via email.
    • Please take Kinvolved attendance periods 1-3 by the end of third period, and for all periods each day!
    • Please make sure your Kinvolved attendance and 3rd period bubble sheets are 100% accurate. We have seen some inconsistencies, so don’t rush and make sure you get names correct!
  • Lesson plans and unit plans every day to support well-planned, organized classes.
  • Classroom and hallway bulletin boards displaying curriculum, student work, rubrics.
  • 8:10am recommended whole staff morning meeting.
  • Strong engagement and common core/regent preparation in every class.

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  • Memorial Day - Schools Closed

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  • Parent Outreach - 2:41-3:11

    Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School
  • Parent Outreach 2:41-3:11

    Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School
  • Collaborative Planning - 3:15-3:56

    Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School
  • Seniors: Last Day of Classes

    Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School
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Mission Statement

At Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School (BCAM), we prepare our students for 21st century academic, creative, and professional success. Through an art, media, and technology-enriched academic curriculum emphasizing community collaboration, we challenge ourselves to think critically and create knowledge in pursuit of personal excellence and meaningful social change.

Principal's Corner

May 1, 2019


Dear New BCAM Students and Families,

We heartily welcome you to Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School (BCAM), located in the newly renovated Campus 117 Building. We are honored that you have selected us as your high school and joined our school community. BCAM is considered an outstanding small, public high school and is committed to preparing every one of its students for college-level academic, artistic, and professional success in and after high school.  

As BCAM students, you are expected to follow all of our community rules and guidelines. We ask you to work very hard, but you will feel supported in this effort. Families, we ask you to attend conferences four times yearly, sit on year-end portfolio presentations, and be members of our PTA. In addition, we possess a myriad of extra-curricular arts academies, PSAL teams, and programs for our students.

We strongly encourage you to review our website at www.bcamhs.org to learn about and keep up to date with our school information. And please link on our website to our BCAM Community Handbook to gain a sense of what to expect upon your enrollment. As a preview, our school and Campus has the following:

  • Brand new dance, recording, film and theater studios in our refurbished basement arts annex
  • A beautiful track & field outside for PE and athletic teams
  • Fully equipped, state of the art classrooms, science-labs, gym, auditorium and library

Also, please make arrangements to acquire the following required supplies for the school year:

  • 1 large 3-ring binder for all classes, 6 spiral notebooks for each academic class, notebook paper
  • 1 graphing calculator

 We would also like to invite you to our Community Forum and Carnival Saturday May 11th @ 11am and on Friday May 17th to our Spring Arts Gala Evening @ 6pm This will be a fun day & evening of wonderful student performance, visual and media art. It is excellent way to experience a great part of our school culture. We hope you will join us. Please see enclosed invites for more info.

In addition, please place the following required dates in your calendars and plan on attending:

Tues July 9th Wed July 10th Thurs July 11th 9:00am-12:00pm: BCAM New Student Summer Bridge

During this required three-day bridge orientation, your new BCAM student will take mini classes; complete introductory assessments; and gain an in-depth understanding of our school. PARENTS MUST ATTEND ORIENTATION TUES, JULY 9TH 9:00AM TO 10:00AM.

           Thursday, September 5th, 8:20am: 1st Day of School.

This is a full academic day of school. Students are expected to adhere to our BCAM Express Yourself/Respect Yourself dress code and bring all supplies to begin.

Thursday, September 26th, 6:00pm-8:00pm: BCAM Back-to-School Evening

On this evening, all families are required to come meet our teachers, receive class curricular overviews and learn about important rules, guidelines and opportunities. This evening sets the tone for the year. 

In conclusion, please contact Parent Coordinator Joseph Cooper at jcooper@bcamhs.org, (718)230-5748 ext. 338 with any questions, and to confirm your Summer Bridge Attendance. Once again, we welcome you.


 Dr. James O’Brien, BCAM Principal (jobrien@bcamhs.org)

Samantha Exantus, BCAM Assistant Principal (exantus@bcamhs.org)

Janna Bello, BCAM Assistant Principal (jbello@bcamhs.org)

& the entire BCAM community

K117 Remediation Work

Dear Families and Staff:
This is a follow-up to my January 11, 2017 water test results notification letter. I am pleased to share we have successfully completed remediation work at I.S. 117 - Brooklyn (Brooklyn Community High School of Communication, Arts and Media at 300 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205) and on January 04, 2017 and January 06, 2017 and February 01, 2017 and October 12, 2017 and November 21, 2017 and November 30, 2018, the remediated fixtures were tested and the final laboratory results indicate that all samples taken and tested were below the action level of 15 ppb.
On December 06, 2016 and May 05, 2017 and October 12, 2017, every operational source of water, including for drinking or preparing food, at I.S. 117 - Brooklyn was tested for lead. The laboratory results showed elevated levels of lead in 22 of the 139 samples of water taken and tested from outlets in the building. Each affected fixture at I.S. 117 - Brooklyn was taken out of service on January 11, 2017, and the remediation work was completed.
In any building where lead test results show even one water outlet above the action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb), the DOE implements its standard response protocol, under which it removes any drinking or food prep outlet from service, flushes all or part of the system to eliminate water sitting in pipes overnight, replaces equipment and re-tests after the equipment is replaced. As part of our remediation protocols, fixture(s) that were out of order or inaccessible at the time of the initial testing were repaired and tested. All drinking or food prep fixtures are only put back in service once results of laboratory tests are below the action level of 15 ppb.
Out of an abundance of caution, the custodial staff will continue to flush the I.S. 117 Brooklyn water systems on Monday mornings before school starts in order to eliminate water that has been stagnant in pipes over the weekend and to ensure safe drinking water is
available for students and staff.
A more detailed letter related to the testing for lead at I.S. 117 - Brooklyn is attached, and complete test results are posted on the DOE website at https://www.schools.nyc.gov/ schools/K412. Click Data and Reports and look for the Facilities Heading.
Please visit https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/reports/water-safety to learn more about the robust protocol we use to ensure the safety of drinking water in each and every school, as well as to look up water test results for each school.
Thank you for your patience and support and we wish you and your students a wonderful semester.
Sincerely yours,
Lauren Siciliano
Deputy Chief Operations Officer